Friday, January 8, 2016


Alhamdulillah, I've been blessed to this day. So many people out there, starts to find and do their resolutions for 2016. And some of them, like me, does not even bother about the resolutions thing anymore since, the last 4 years' resolutions have not even been accomplished yet. HAHA. Same old same old new year issues. So, what I've come up with this year, is that, I am going to be more aware of my own being than menyibuk hal orang lain. Get what I mean? This year, I am going to focus more on myself. For example, my health, my brain, my emotional state, dengan kata yang lain, self-loved la konon. Dear young girls and ladies out there. We need to be confident with ourselves and love every flaws and imperfections we have. Not just that, every single human in this world has flaws and imperfection, that's the beauty of it. This is not just for you guys, but also my own self. I get insecure so bad seeing other girls. But, this year, I am challenging myself to change what I don't like about myself and what I'm insecure about. If you like to see people with good skinny body, try your best to archive that too. Eat healthy, exercise. If you can't do that, all you have to do, is embrace the real you. Every one is beautiful. If you want to wear make up, wear it. If you dislike make ups, don't bash other people that use make ups to feel better about themselves. Same goes to other kind of appearance matter. Stay cool, let's just support our sisters together. 

Just a word from a girl, to another girl. x

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