Saturday, January 16, 2016

5 Things I Find Therapeutic

There's so many therapeutic things that we can do to feel CALM and RELAXED. So these are my 5 things I find therapeutic, for me, at least. HAHA

  1. Driving! I just looove driving! People say, the often you drive, you'll eventually get bored of it? I don't know, I don't, lazy yes, but bored? Maybe not, yet. I find driving alone so therapeutic especially when the skies are blue, with puffy clouds and also when it rain. Just listen to the songs on the radio, and look around the world. Hmmm so calming. This does not apply when I'm tired though. I sleep when I'm tired and lazy. 
  2. Eating good food, good food does not mean food that are expensive, and restaurant made. Good food is the food that I am craving or having the mood to eat. Kedai warung2 tu pun good food if i feel like eating there and bila dapat, and kedai tu bukak, it's like an achievement unlocked. Patutlah gemuk, semangat sungguh bila tang makan.
  3. Minyak Angin Aromatherapy!!! I am sooooooo cerewet when it comes to smells, any strong scent or bold scent I dislike them. Explains why I don't wear perfumes. Don't worry, I still smell good. I can only bear the scent of body mists and deodorant. Thank goodness I don't usually have bad body odours. For minyak cap kapak lovers out there, I'm sorry but I don't like the smell of it. It's more like I couldn't stand the smell. Tak tahan. Too strong. But there's this one minyak angin aromatherapy, i loooove the smell. It's definately good for stress reliever, headache and seumpamanya.   
  4. Shower! I love both hot and cold showers, well depends on the situation, place and my mood for that day. Since Malaysia is a hot weather country, I still love hot showers too. After shower feels are the best! Then I go to sleep. Haha. 
  5. Last but not least, catching up session, hanging out and talk so many things with my family, good friends and of course, the people i love. I'm a talker! Even if I'm sulking away and annoyed and mad and say ' Tanak cakap dah! Nak senyap je' noooope. You'll see me talking a minute later! Hahahahaha. And I laugh a lot too. Only applicable on interesting hardcore funny things though. My rants can be a 2 page long. Lol. 

So, that was my top 5 things I find therapeutic. Some people like to pamper themselves on skin care routine like wearing face masks or whatever. I don't usually wear face masks, because  i don't find it calming or relaxing. Maybe its because i tend to get itchy on my face when wearing face mask in a period of time. Pastu nanti rasa nak cuci je . Membazir. So that is all! Leave a comment below on the thing that you find most therapeutic to do. 

Been having a breakdowns and I'm trying to make it all go away, lots of love. X

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