Sunday, January 17, 2016

My childhood dream.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I would love to share my childhood dream with youu! I had this dream with my best friend or we called it a mission when we were in secondary school. Secondary school is when my FANGIRLING time goes so wild and uncontrollably. I was obsessed. Those days, when HARRY POTTER is starting to be huge. Me and my friend made a mission that we could sell lemonade and raise fund for us to go to London together and meet Harry Potter cast, Daniel Radcliffe, especially. Now, think back, we were sooo childish. To think that selling lemonade could do the trick. Hilarious. Hahaha. Anyway, years pasts, and I even forgotten about this dream slash mission! My friend reminded me of it. Life happened and I finally got the chance and rezeki to go to United Kingdom. Visiting my sister, of course.

Oh how I love the people there. 

United Kingdom. Wow. I still can't believe that I actually went there last autumn. I'm Malaysian, and it took me 13 hours flight to arrive the Heathrow Airport. I might gotten 7+1 hours age deduct, but, if think about the journey back to Malaysia so it has cancelled out that.

It was so exciting! Especially meeting my baby niece that is not a baby anymore! She's grown beautifully, and so smart and cheeky. Oh such a cute girl she is. And smart. I'm so proud of her, of what she can absorb the thing she learn in the UK for such a short while. She's amazing! I just hope that her amazingness will stay and continue to expand even when she's back here in Malaysia. 

It was the first time I felt other weather than hot Malaysian weather. 

The weather! It was autumn when i got there. Let me be honest, it was very cold even though it's not even winter yet. It was very cold for me la. Its just that I'm not used to it, perhaps. I like it there. It was awesome that we came at the right time, because it only rained for only for a few days when we were there. Athirah really does a good job in her Du'as that she wants hot hot hot sunny sunny day, everyday. So it was hot and sunny most of the days. But still cold though. I really made for warm weather I guess. It's just it's so cold sometimes, I don't even bear to wash my dishes because i don't want to touch the water. Even there's hot water. 

It was definitely a great experience. 

My sister and brother in law study at University of Southampton, UK. So technically I was in Southampton for most of the days. We went out on weekends. I definitely checked on LONDON !! I want to stress on one thing, the people there was super duper nice! Especially the people at pay counters. They're super friendly. I go to a lot of car boot sales, the people there, doesn't mind if you're checking out their items, and ask questions this that, bargain this that and at the end you don't wanna buy it, and they're cool with it. Unlike Malaysian sellers, like to judge and make faces when customers do that. 'Kau dah tgk, aku dah bagi murah semua bagai, pastu tak nak beli. Hamboi' Takpun buat muka tak puas hati macam nak bunuh or even, paksa kau beli jugak. Pffft. This is reality guys! Please seller out there. Tolong jangan desperate sangat please. Kalau tu rezeki kau, ada la. If not, its not yours la. Malaysian people lacks patience. I do too. A lecturer once told me, that its the hot weather that makes us like this. Nahh. I don't think so. It's our choice. Please change the way you live your life and please change the attitude. Kadang2 promoters kedai yang expensive pun macam bajet kau bagus sangat. Kalau kau boleh afford sekali pun barang tu, does not mean you can be a bitch about it and thinks that customer is not worth pleased. 

In general. Let's improve our attitude guys. Attitude over looks. Definitely. x

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