Thursday, February 25, 2010

to: my twin sister ♥

23 February 2010

arrrggghhhh i know im late for posting in my Blogspot!

hee im getting LAZY-er than EVER! haha
Rus Azureen Bt Rozman!
Happy 18th Birthday babee~ (:
i will always love you, my twin sister!

misses the days at school, melangok satu sekolah with you~ :D
and and go to the so-called toi~ haha!
im glad to hear that u like the cuppys~ ;)
made with LOVE mahh~ XD haha!
and hope ur wishes come true~
and hope that we'll be FRIEND forever!


2 hopped:

Rus Azureen said...

awwww, so sweeet !
thank you so much for the post my dear!
yes, i miss those school days with you too. =(
friends forever so called twin sis!
haha. luv youu! <3

aine said...

heee~ :D

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