Monday, February 1, 2010


yo! minnasan!~

haih ive been away from blogger for awhile since ive
been updating more on Livejournal lol
anyway! eventho i said there will be no more FLAILs here~
too bad.. im going to flail soon, further in this POST lol!!
haha~ so last week i finally get to finish watching Heaven's Postman
oh thank you very much for the person who uploaded it back after it got deleted
oh-my-gosh the story was soo tempting.. i love it~ very much..
it was a very touching movie.. i really wish the DVD will come out soon
so that i can watch it thousands of times and can watch HQ~ :D
thanks to gerlynne cos letting me know that someone
had uploaded the vids on youtube- which going to be deleted too, soon
but i managed to finish it~ aww.. and yeah it has a very HAPPY ending
ouhh Jae and Hana looks so sweet together..

okay~ NOW~ SHINee is in SINGAPORE.... yah!
im so JEALOUS~~~ they look so tempting in Singapore..
feels like want to fly there right NOW~
anyway.. they got a HUGE welcome by the SHINee world there in SG
at the Changi Airport.. aww but poor Onew was limping~
he might fell somewhere on the way to singapore.. or had an accident somewhere
he even got a cut on his cheeks *such stalker la me~
anyway.. its quite normal for Onew for falling.. but he looked badly injured

their fansigning was on 31st january.. at Lot 1 mall..
i saw the place and it was quite SMALL.. aiyoo give bigger space laa
its SHINee laaa~~ they're AWESOMEly popular around the world laa
haha the place was sooo CROWDED with thousands of people
and SHINee looks super AWESOME therreeeeeeeeeee~~ weeeee
anyway here some fan-photos at the fansigning and press conference

arrrrhhh onewwwww~~ looking good! HAHA XD

flailss~ CUTEEEE! *diess LOL

onew's wearing a mickey mouse tee! CUTE~ :D

as tagged and wordpress :D

NEXT!! yeaaah
ive confirmed on going to Super Junior's SUPER SHOW2 concert this
20th March! hee~ thanks to my mum for the ticket~ and my sis for buying it~

and and and~~~~
haha im so HAPPY for this news..
after i browse through the net.. i found out a NEWS that made me
very EXCITED..
if ur my blog reader since last year you would know how happy am i LOL
it was my dream to have it~
last time i hear that this wont be released in Malaysia.. BUT!
after doing some browsing~
BOOM! its going to released here in Malaysia, by this MONTH!
wooot! i cant wait to have it.. wana know what's 'it' ?
its LG CYON LOLLIPOP/ LG KH8000!! woot!
i want the BLUE one.. the one that Taeminie used in THJ! huahua

here's a picture of the phone! and specifications! lol

click to enlarge

its SO awesome! a JAPANESE-KOREAN-like phone!!
wahahaha.. its releasing in MALAYSIA~
last time i heard that this phone will be releasing in Korea only
but then last month on 23rd of January * my mum's bday
the phone was released in Singapore.. so! i did some browsing
and found out that the phone will be releasing in Malaysia by this MONTH!
wooot~ Amy! when u got back from NS, u'll be thrilled after hearing this! :D
cant wait to own one! LOL

btw! ive started to SELL my CUPPYCAKES!
so far the business are good~! :D haha lots of orders!
happy! and tiring! lol~

okay~ive typed alot!
that's all~
Byeeeeeeeee! ;D

woaaaah!? its FEBRUARY already!? o.O

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