Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is not always easy.


I've abandoned this blog for awhile due to the same problems LOL. Wifi connection, and the laziness. Quite occupied with a lot of things to handle. A month and a half, I've been living as a University student. This job is not easy. There's a lot of problems I've go through. A LOT. It's very tiring, and stressful. I know that life is hard. That problems have to be solved, not to be run away from. I'm handling my problems quite well. I think. I know there's misunderstanding, but I know it'll be fine. But, for those are living in a simple life, easy life. ACCEPT IT. There's problems in this WORLD. Don't be judging people bluntly. Humans tend to make a lot of mistakes. A LOT. That's how they learn. Please don't give them hard time. When they already having hard time without you giving them those. You think, everything must be in a problem-free zone? NO. I said, no. What ever problem that you're having or may come, its a test. From Allah SWT. We just have to be prepared for everything that may come. Be strong when facing it. Take them as a challenge. I'm not strong myself, I know. I'll fall without support. That's what family and friends  are for. Support each other.

Not all humans, have this kind of mindset. I know, and I've seen infront of my eyes. Humans that I know, most of them, think only for themselves. MY DEAR FRIENDS. What you're doing are WRONG! I've never seen a human like that person, so selfish. In studying you cant be success alone. It's a group-hard-work! ITS NOT INDIVIDUAL! It is if you go and get your OWN PRIVATE TUTOR. Then, it will your own success~ GET IT? One class, must united. Be successful together, not alone! For those who think ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE. You may fill up the drop-out form. WHAT? YOU THINK YOU'RE SO GREAT ah? Haih. We have to consider those friends that are not strong in studies. Not all students have the same brain. We are humans, with different talent. Mentang2 amik Mechatronics, ingat kitorang ROBOT ke? -.- Dah terkeluar ke-BM-an saya.

For everyone, be united, don't stay in particular groups. Ask around, ask for help. The strong ones, should help others. Since they have advantages. Share your knowledge with everyone. Then you'll be blessed. What ever happend, the effort if the most important thing. Win or lose, is another story. Allah Maha Adil. Enjoy this video!

That's all for now, Assalamualaikum!

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shyafiq dzulkifli :) said...

Sometimes , they think like this : "Kubur lain-lain" . So , they'll only think about their own benefits .
But they forgot this : "Yang nak mandikan,tanamkan,talkin bila dia dah meninggal dunia nanti , siapa? "

aine ilina said...

YEAP -.- perangai tak cantik langsung 0.0

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