Saturday, October 15, 2011

Different brains.

Assalamualaikum. :)

Since most of our friends just got into Universities, I've read and encounter so many complaints. The same problem most of us have right now is the MIND. Different people have different colours. Addition we're university students. We meet lots of new humans. From different places, atmosphere, surrounding, and also background. This is where, different kinds of CHARACTER exists. First thing first, don't judge a book by it's cover. When you meet new people, do not speak like you've knew them for months. Me and my friends are open-minded, most of them are. But some of other humans tend to no be open. Lots of my peers are having a slight problem adapting with new people like these. It is hard, yes, I'm having the same problem to be honest. But! The thing is, they don't know you much, yet. So, just be yourself in adapting. BE YOURSELF. NOT BE THEM. There are some people, trying to be someone else. JUST to make friends, or POPULAR? I'm not sure la why. I call them HIPPO.

Even if your thinking is not the same as others, just let them be! Stick to your own mindset! Don't let other people change it. Its a big world. What do you expect? All of them have the same attitude and character as you? They think alike? NOOO. Not as you think. There are some, but not all. Sometimes, this person say that. That person say this. You got insulted for nothing. Being too friendly, they got weird out. Being too shy, they say you're arrogant. Bla bla bla. There's always something wrong somewhere. Humans. Just remember anything happend, be strong and just let it be. Because they don't get you, yet.

Most people, judge others easily. I do too. But we have to know them first, know them throughly. Be alert, observant. Judging people is not easy lol. Okay. I know I sounded like a stalker, haha. I am anyway. Hihi. Don't take anything seriously at first. If you can't even take jokes, a bit hard laa. But take in counting that, there are sensitive people out there. Don't just go bluff something hurtful to them =.=". There's so many things to take account to mix with new people. Its not easy but at least try to avoid sensitive issues that can make things bad. Like i said, different people, different character, different brain, different thinking. Making new friends are fun, not abusive. Set your mindset, and FLYY haha! What am i writing. -.- Sleepy already. HAHA. 

This is jus an advise from me to you all out there. Dont just judge other people badly. Always think positive. For example a person that never greet or say anything to you, just think that "ohh maybe she/he's a shy person. Maybe she/he's sick or something." Stay positive. Eh, 'sick' tu for sakit okay, not gila =.= Later got misunderstanding pulak. Suddenly got BM at the end. Sleepy already I'll end it. Conclusion, be free in making friends but be careful on how you approach a person. Stay positive. Stay with your mindset, dont change it for others, let others understands you. It'll take time but dont worry, u have a lot. I know I mumble a lot, but i hope, this is helpful, somehow. I seriously hope so! Haha.

Oh yeah! SMILE laa. People smile at you, just smile back laa. No need to be so arrogant.
:D see? It's not hard pun.

Assalamualaikum, and goodnight all! :D

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shyafiq dzulkifli :) said...

Here some poke from me :)
Aine , do the HIPPO is some kind of , like hippo the animal ?

aine ilina said...

Hippo the animal is more significant than those HIPPO-humans :)

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