Saturday, February 18, 2012

A new start.


Semester two finally arrive, in a blink my semester break has come to an end. *CRIES*
Waaaaaaa T_T. No worries this semester's break is 2 months NGEHEHE. Baru nak masuk sem baru dah pikir cuti. Bagus betul Aine ni -.-" Heh. My hostel registration is tomorrow at 9am-5pm. I thinking of going there early, but there's still so much thing to do here at home since my sister is HAVING FUN at the JOB FAIR in GOPENG! Parents on outstations. Just me and my brother at home. So go figure. Mama called and said, when she gets back, she want all the chores done. Yes, ma, will work on it.

So yeah, this is just a short update. I should continue doing my work. Assalamualaikum.
p/s: I'll try on updating regularly this semester, insyaAllah, if there's something to talk about la. -.-

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