Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Out with the girlfriends. :)


Went out with the girlfrends yesterday! Irynna and Nadiah arrived Times Square earlier than me and Rus. Because, I overslept. Arrived 1hours later than Irynna. -.-" Sorry. Haha. Straight to Nando's for lunch. Off to Surau, for Zuhur prayers. Right after, SHOPPING time! Walk around the mall like forever. Irynna know nothing about tiredness when it comes to walking LOL. Rus almost dying of walking. Haha walking can be so torturing huh? Haha, I bought my mum's face powder in Etude House. Suddenly there's this promotion that giving out free gifts! It's SHINee's diary and clear folder! So I spend quite a lot on Etude House~ I even get the Bee Mug ! :D After that, I wanted to find my Blackberry's shirt. Its been naked forever. Poor thing. So, we walked to Lowyat. It was not that busy. Since it was on Monday. Maybe? Haha but there still lot of people. At least is not as busy as what I've experience that I couldn't even look at my feet. -.-" It was years back then.

I bought the bee hand cream, aloe face masks, and my mum's face powder- not inside the picture lol. The free gifts, is the SHINee clear folder and the Diary! Inside of the diary is awesomely cute!! It was worth spending my money for. Agak sayang nak guna -.- HEH. Look at my blackberry now! So much hotter with the shirt on don't ya think? HAHA. It feels much safer. I keep on dropping the phone lately, this is for safety purpose. And, cuteness. LOL.

Mumbling a lot nowadays huh? All my post end up to be so long lately! Anyway!
Thanks for hopping by! Assalamualaikum :D

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