Friday, January 20, 2012

First week of holiday.

just putting it here because it's CUTE :3
Assalamualaikum readers :)

So! What I've been doing for the first week of holiday? Chores chores chores, drive out, mall, shop.
Since it's weekdays, so I'm quite alone most of the time at home. OH NO I JUST TELL THE WORLD THAT IM HOME ALONE! D: No need to be too dramatic there, Aine. Haha. Most of my time this week, I was doing chores, being A MAID as what my sister call me. She's just joking. Is she? -.- That was not funny sister. I get sensitive when she points out my skin colour! Finee, you're fairer than me. -.- Haha. Dramatic, again. Oh well. Doing the dishes, laundry and watch tv is my chores. HAHA. It's quite the daily basis at home actually.

Gummy Bearss! Yumm :9
Use my quote. Life is short, we have to EXAGGERATE more :) Trust me, it works.

What works? I don't know. Haha. Okay I'm being crappy here. On Tuesday I went out with Ain Farhan and Syazwan Faez. Haha. Ask Ain to accompany me to Bank Islam in Seri Petaling, to The Mines next to search for Sherlock Holmes tickets. So I was so smart, forgot it was working days and went out in the evening! O Allah, only He knows how impatience I was. THERE WERE TRAFFIC JAMMED EVERYWHERE I SAY! -.-" So, we actually got stuck in the traffic jammed longer that we stay in the mall. Seriously. Haha because it was almost Maghrib when we reach The Mines. -.-" So basicly, we just had a drive around? LOL. I didn't even drive much. I WAS STUCK. And you know what's makes the story "great"? Sherlock Holmes was NOT showing in The Mines TGV. Feel like wanted to BOM that place, leave a grenade or something. -.-

It was stupid of me that I didn't check it online. Oh Aine why are you like this? Haha me love to burden my own self. So I check, for wednesday. Alamanda Putrajaya is showing Sherlock Holmes for the last time that Wednesday! WEHUUUU. So I brought Ain again, haha. We bought 4pm tickets. Oh how the joy i felt. LOL. EKSAITED GILA ok. Haha. It's wednesday and got the tickets for RM7! YEAY. Haha. Had late lunch in McD. It was almost 3 that time. Five more minutes till 3. HOHO. McValue Lunch is almost over! The line is so long. I was ordering at 3:10 and the guy gave me McValue Lunch price! Hahaha! And by the time his friend told him that lunch's over. So, I got lucky, but Ain had to pay normal price. -.-" Watch the movie, and shop a bit. And now I'm broke HAHA. THEMOVIEWASEPICLYAWESOMEBTW.

Eh? The post ended up too long.

marshmallow <3
Thursday did nothing. Just stayed home. :) Today going out with Siti Radiatul to Sunway Pyramid. She's fetching me at 12~ WEHUUU. :3 So let's wrap it up now. That's all for this post! :D

Assalamualaikum and take care peeps! <3

p/s: The pictures are just random and it just made me crave for Tutti Frutti. OH GREAT -.-" kthnxbye.

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