Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday the 14th.

The date that I've discover FREEDOM. Haha!
Taken by Ahmad Ikhwan using iPhone4 


It seems like yesterday it was the day I register as a degree student in UTeM. How I hated the far-distance from home. But, 14th January 2012, I've officially ended my semester one~ ! Hee. One semester down! SEVEN semesters to go! Haha! Amik kau TUJUH! -.- So the last paper was Electronic Device and System, the paper was okay! Alhamdulillah, I survived answering the questions LOL. My sister was one of the examiner in the hall. HOHO. Thank goodness the paper was okay, and she wasn't stressing me. LOL. Well, I felt better when she's there actually. Haha. Feels like doing an exercise at home? Naahh. It's the questions. Hihi. Alhamdulillah, I survived my first semester for a degree.

Lecturers are awesome.

In just a week, they managed to mark all the papers and the grades are up! -.- Like seriously. It's already recorded in SMP. But just the two first papers. I manage to passed both subject, alhamdulillah. It's good, but not good enough. I know what I get worth my hard work, which is not that hard. So I deserve those grades. Look at the bright side, my brother said, my grades still give me room for improvement. Means its a good start and I still can do better next time. It's great if I get As. Like I wanted, like everybody wanted. But, one thing. It's not easy to maintain the good grades. Therefore, for those that are sad and disappointed with the results, cheer up! There's still room for improvement. There's another 7 semesters! Haha. Well, we never know the full results yet anyway! Other subjects might turn the tables! Let's just leave it to Allah. Pray hard! :) InsyaAllah, we all will succeed with flying colours. This especially goes to 1BEKM.

Whatever it is, I'm home.

Yes, I've arrived home yesterday evening! :) It's great to be home. I missed my mama very muuucho. Haha. Mama saya comel taau. I love her. Preparing dinner with her was so much fun <3. Well, since I'm in Selangor already! Anyone free now? Contact me please ? Haha at least i won't drop dead of boredom alone at home! I'll be having my semester break for a month. So! Any plans that anyone want to recommend? Errrmm. Actually, I kinda miss my room back in TTU. Huhu. Eventhough the house is at the highest floor, and I have to take the stairs everyday. Haha memanglah kan? Takkan nak terjun pulak. -.- Okay. Back to my point. I like the room. Because my bed was next to the windows. When I wake up, I love to look at the blue sky, and before I sleep, I look up to the moon and stars. SubhanAllah. How  awesome is Allah's creation :'). But now, there's no more that. I wanted that same house for next sem please? I don't mind the stairs. I love the view. Haha well, Miley Cyrus once said, " Life's a climb, but the view's great " :D Hihi. And of course, I will miss my housemates and classmates too :3 Awh, Aine ni, its only for a month. Haha. *gedik

A night out in Melaka.

Thanks to my brother, he brought me to Melaka to join my friends walking around Melaka. It was fun. Taking pictures! I love to be taken pictures of as much as I love taking pictures. LOL. I can be a model or a photographer. Gedik nak dua-dua. What can I say, it's something that I'm passionate about. Ececehh. Konon -.-" Haha, these are some of the ones that I've edited using Analogcolor :) These wasn't taken by me. Because I'm in it! WEHUUU!

taken by kak jaja's bf
taken by Abang lagi. -.-"

That's all for this post!
Assalamualaikum and take care readers! <3

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