Monday, January 30, 2012

Wehuuu. :)

Yeay! I changed my blog URL. It is now easier, and not too long -.-"

Takpelah follower hilang pun. HAHA Suka nama URL baru ni :) Huhu lagi pun blog ni tak popular pun.  So tak kisah punn. LOL. Back to my point of doing this blog is just to keep memories and read them back in the future. My memory capacity are not that great, you see. I forget things easily. So I have to write them somewhere. Hihi. I've tried having a diary, but it doesn't last long. I barely touch it, and don't really update it. HOHO. Dulu masa kecik2 dulu beli diary yang ada code2 bagai tu, bukak, pastu tulis nama, biodata sume. Pastu 2-3 hari update. Tadaaa. Terus dah tak pegang lagi buku tu.

This is actually my weakness. I often do things halfway. Somehow I can't do things continuously. Well atleast this blog has been alive since April 2008. Going to be five years old this blog this year. :) This blog is the only thing that I've treasure that long. I love this blog. I don't mind if there's no readers anymore, as long as I can still type and keep my stories and memories here <3

Those that still read this
Take care and Assalamualaikum. :)

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