Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Assalamualaikum peeps :)
Nyanyi2 lagu Count on me- Bruno Mars sikit.

All of us know, how friendship mean to us. Friends are treasure. But somehow, it can end. People, humans, change. There's a quote that true friend always be there you. But this thing is a mutual thing ya know. By time, not all of your friend will still be your friend. There will be problems and things that can destroy friendship. 

Just one thing. Be the best friend that you can be to everyone. But not all will treasure you. Only those that appreciate your friendship will. It's fun when you have lots of friends. Friends. Not acquaintance. I just want to say that, if you have the best friend that always be there for you when you're down. The one that know you so well. The one that always cheer you up. The one that advise you always. The one that always have the same thoughts of yours. Treasure and appreciate them. 

Assalamualaikum and take care dear readers :)

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