Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Born-procrastinator, perhaps?

Assalamualaikum and good early morning dear readers!
Its wednesday? Suppose to be a wordless day. OH WELL. Lets just update. :D
Not been having a so-productive weeks lately. Im just plain lazy like seriously lazy, lazy. Get it? Haih.

I found this note on tumblr a long time ago. I think it's time for me to give it a try.
It seems FUN when you actually HAVE something productive to do for A day. The sweet of accomplishment, yes, that's it! Huhu. Well i procrastinate a lot lately. I haven't even put my mind on the first mission that I've been plotting since before semester break. Bad huh? SO LAZY YOU AINE. It's just baking though. I'm just lazy because the ingredients are not enough. Eleh, alasan. I forgot to buy them. Anyways, that's not just it. I also abandoned this blog! Seems that updates are once a week. :( I used to blog everyday! BAD. No IDEA maah. HAHA.

It's very hard to get ideas when you're home alone with chores and literally sits infront of the TV for almost the whole day. Haha, tak sihat langsung. Yes, my routine is unhealthy. AND I eat A LOT lately. Haih. I keep on walking into and out the kitchen so many times. There's so many things that I can cook in the kitchen, its just the fact that I don't want to. I'm getting FAT. Hahaha. That's what you get with an unhealthy life AINE! Hoho. Im talking to myself.

Whatever it is, let's talk about FOOD shall we? Haha, this is actually not a good idea at 2am, but oh well. Sorry if I made my readers drools or got hungry after reading this. Lets just put it this way, LETS BE FAT TOGETHER! HAHAHA. Such a evil mind of mine. Okay. This week, I actually cook quite often, (baru dua kali Hehe, teruk betul) it's just, nobody will eat anyway! Haha. So, I've been craving to cook Dukbokki! Yes, its the korean dish. Korean rice cake with spicy sauce. I bought the rice cake, and korean chili paste (gochujang) in a korean super market. But actually you can find them in Jusco. But let me remind yooouu. CERTAIN Jusco only sells korean ingredients.

Let me show you a picture!
Well the picture was taken with my mum's iPad so, its not that good in quality. It looked yummier in person too! Let me tell you the recipe in brief.

4cups of water,
Anchovies (important)
2-6 tbspn of Korean chili paste.
1 tbspn of sugar
2 green onions
300g of rice cakes.

This recipe can be modified to your likings. But I've underestimate the korean chili paste, they're actually quite spicy! :3
  1. Make anchovy stock! Put the water and anchovies, 7 for big ones, or about 1tbspn for small ones. Just let it bonds together. Haha. For about 5-7minutes. Up to you.  
  2. Then! Pick up all the anchovies, we just want the stock anyway :)
  3. Put other ingredients in! Korean chili paste, sugar, rice cakes, onions. For fish cake lovers, you may add fish cakes. It kinda gives better taste to the sauce :) 2tbspn of korean chili paste is enough for those that could not handle spiciness.
  4. Now! Continuously stir everything, until the sauce and rice cake thickens! It will in matter of time, trust me. HAHA.
  5. EAT! 
I actually put 3tbspn of the korean chili paste, and it already super spicy. It was delicious though~! HIKHIK. Hope you all could try it, since its simply delicious! Any questions about the recipe, or where the exact place to find the ingredients, you can leave a comment. :) I'll reply ASAP. Haha. 

Fuhh, hope that help. LOL, no one asked for it. I just want to share <3

I just want to remind my self and people that are already bored on holidays. Plan to make something~! Anything. Just to make a productive day. :) After planning, just try to 
That's all for this post.
I'll try my best to update tomorrow!
It's time for me to sleep.
Assalamualaikum and good night? Haha so messed up.

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