Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July is here. :)

Assalamualaikum and hello bloggerians! :3

I've been on a long hiatus since Mid June. Been busy with loads of things. Final's done. It was horrible. My results shows it all. Pointers dropped the H of alot! To be honest I wasn't really put my best effort on this sem's final. So, I deserve what I got. No harm done, there's still 6 semesters to go. I'll catch up on the pointers, insyaAllah.

Procrastinating, lazy, unfocused.

That's me. I have these disease. Its not that I couldn't study. My laziness level is higher than the hardworking bar. I can change. We can do anything if we put our minds to it. :) Eventhough the results is heart breaking, maybe its a SIGN that Allah has given me. Ada hikmah di sebalik semua kejadian. InsyaAllah. We all know, what we give is what we get. It shows that my effort wasn't enough. Not even barely enough.

After 2 semesters have past. Im no longer a FIRST year university student.

I should know by now, the exact way how to actually study and catch up "university style". After a year, there's ups and downs. Normal human being's life cycle. I'll be a better student, and friend. InsyaAllah. I'm only human though. We all are. Falling is hard, but getting up after a fall is twice as hard. When you're up high, there's a bigger chance for you to fall. Always remember that. Consistency is important. Yeah. That's where I lack.

Its been a WEEK since holiday started!

I only spend most of my time at home, doing chores especially. Running errands? HAHA. Well, I went out a lot too. Oh yeah. My blackberry's touchpad was no longer working. SAD. I know. So, I sent it to the hospital. I've been BBless for almost 6 days?! Wow. Hahaha. That's cool. So, any bbms and whatsapps, didn't reach me since then, LOL duhh. Anyway. Contact me through twitter, fb, or text me will do :)

This post is getting long. I'll write again soon :)
Assalamualaikum, and goodnight! <3

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