Thursday, July 19, 2012

My whole day with them.

Assalamualaikum and HEY Y'ALL!
So I made plans to hang out with these humans :P
Nabihah, me, Wafaa' and Ain! <3

Went out from house quite late due to the chores that needed to be done. So I drove all the way to Sunway Pyramid with them! So, when we get there we were having trouble to find the toilets that actually have water. Human nowadays, the technology and all. HUHU. Now bidet what's next? Nabihah said in the future there might be a ROBOT to clean us up. OH MY. -.-" HAHA. Let's just stick with tap and pipes shall we? HAHA. Okay, enough with the toilet talk. Sounds inappropriate, but that's that. Haha. Toilets nowadays look awesome though. HAHA.
Toilet pun jadi lah :P
The plan was to watch The Amazing Spiderman. I was like, why in the world that they have to remake the same story again? But in different version? I'm not sure myself. I don't really watch all of them. Haha. I just watch them, when I watch them. Geddit? LOL. So yeaah. Got the tickets after lunch at Ayam Penyet, and the movie was AWESOME. I'll give a 4 out of 5 since the Peter Parker is super CUTE. Ngeheh. HAHA. Humors is good, overall is good. So, i suggest you, who reading this, go and watch. If you want to laa. And I know most of you watched it already? LOL okay, fine.

So we just walk around the pyramid up and down left to right. SAMPAI LEMBIK.
More and more pictures!
FOREVER 21 madness. Haha, lots of pictures taken.
Tried on that heels that made me look like a MONSTER. HUGE. 
Forever 21, Nabihah the cameragirl. HIHI
WE WENT TO SHIBUYA! hahaha. Kidding, its the Asian Avenue of course. :P
Lunch at Ayam Penyet Api. :3 

Wafaa' on the photocrafts' glass door =.="
At this moment, we all are tired to the max.

Hihi bought that mustache ring at Asian Avenue. Its so cute!  It was RM10. That's all i spent for yesterday.
Excluding the lunch and movies and other food, yeah. HAHA.

So I had fun, WE had lots of fun, and walking haha. Lots of catching up too :). Ain bought clothes! Ask Irynna to join, but she couldn't. Huhu. No worries, there's loads of time, insyaAllah we'll hang out again. Since there's a lot more pictures, I'll upload them all on Facebook instead :) Fuhh, thinking of yesterday walk sure made me tired HAHA. Lameee. Stop and stareee.

Assalamualaikum and may the force be with yoouu. Da da dam da da dam da da dam~  :D

p/s: I have not yet watch Star Wars. Heh. I just got too random. 

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