Saturday, July 14, 2012

The opposite of me.

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon readers! :3

She's the wacky best friend of mine.
Not to say that she's absolutely opposite of me, but in most character, yes. Perhaps that's why we get along very easily. Used to crash her house a lot in the past. Just having fun talk about random stuffs. So we went to IKEA yesterdayyy~!

Like i said, she's opposite of me. I'm very lazy to do anything. But she's the type that can't do NOTHING. Haha, a medic student in UM. Very hardworking I must say. Going to be  a very fashionable doctor in the future, perhaps? Irynna told me that if she passed her final, then only we can go out. So I drove her to damansara and walk around Ikano, The Curve, and Cineleisure. I spent on loads of things. Bought 2 vintage blouses, Burt's bees lip balm, and HUGE painting kit. I PAMPERED myself with shopping yesterday LOL.

So, pictures~!
Irynna and her chatime. I don't know why people are addicted to these lately :O HAHA
Infront of Royal Ice Skating Rink, never knew there was a ROYAL ice skating rink there.
Took a picture with the pretty light pole because we can. HAHA. The flowers was so CUTE! <3
Pardon for my fat-ness HAHAHA. =.="

That is the best among candid pictures that Irynna took LOL.
One of the collared blouse that I bought. LOVE the material and the paper bag! :3
The sale kakak told us that we looked like siblings instead of friend, YEAH. We get that ALOT. LOL.

Taking a picture with the IKEA CURRYPUFF. DELICIOUSSS! :9
Love this convex lens! Haha it made us looked so PETITE.
We already am, though. TEEHEE.
I actually don't really know at which place is which on the picture LOL. Irynna knows the place better. I was just following around, kinda lost. Haha after a long walk in a Mall I was like, where are we again? HAHA. There's just lots of building that are connected to each other. Haha. I was blurr and confused. HOHO. The pictures have explained and story a lot of things. I'll stop typing here.

Assalamualaikum, take care and have a great weekend! Over and out. 

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