Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ALL?? mendou?

haha i didnt post anything yesterday.. so ill post now

ok today, i was supposed to do oral in bahasa malaysia..
but i was unprepared,,
and luckily,, the teacher give us
2 more days to prepare and memorise
the speech that we're going to do..
its kinda troublesome though..

anyway our class carnival promotion have been postpond to tomorow!
Jaa GAMBARU! hope it'll go well
scarry though

haha.. anyway lots of things that i don't understand
happened at school.. I wonder what they all meant
by doing it-the thing that i don't understand
it's kinda bothering me..

aiyerr.. hard to understand la.. haizz
it might be something that i expected!
haha nevermind la
i don't think u guys do understand anyway! haha

we did a enzyme experiment for our biology subject!
it was fun! and luckily we did it correctly..
but i don't know the results are correct or not!
anyway the teacher gave the results so nevermind then...

later we will do experiment for chemistry..
about the group 1 elements!
hope itll go well!

hmm what else....
aha! today is ArIOka DAikI's (Hey Say Jump) birthday!
i wish a very happy birthday TO YOU!!
Otanjoobi Omedetou gozaimasu!

ive been sleepy lately

jaa i think that's all! got more but i think i forgot about it already.. haha

k cya!

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