Friday, April 11, 2008

Language Week??

this is my 3rd post for today..
eventho its midnite im still writting this?? haha..
can't sleep la..

anyway.. this week is a languange week at my school..
the language are,, bm, bi, chinese, and
its kinda troublesome though haha..
today is the day for chinese lang..

since im malay i dun even kno wat the pengawas infront talking about in

it was funny wen the pengawas ask us to stand for singing the national anthem..
most of the student still sittting down,,
Until... there's a translator in bm.. (thanks to her ^^")

it was good chinese lang.. but sadly i DON'T UNDERSTAND! ^^""
mayb i shud learn it..
hmm if got any free times

k time's up i shud b sleeping by now..

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