Monday, April 21, 2008

SAD~!!! SCARRY..~!

im sooo super SAD ryte now T.T
well the reason is jus one..
i hav to stop my JAPANESE CLASS!!
this is too early!!!
its just getting interesting and we all have to STOP T.T
because our SENSEI(teacher) have to continue his studies on PhD
soo he's BUSY and have no time to TEACH us!!

haiz.. nevermind la ill try find other class,,

anyway i hav to prepare from today

huhu SCARRY isn't it!
all subject questions following SPM format!!

and also it takes TWO WEEKS!!!! ~to finish all of the exam!
sooo LONG!

starting on 2nd of May (irynn's b'day-ill wish u!!)
and finish on... i dunno.. try to count urself la.. haha
hope ill do well on this midterm EXAM!

well pure science subject and Add-Math is not EASY!
especially PHYSICS!! PLUS im really BAD IN History!
how to do!??

okay.. that's all! i have to prepare for my Bahasa Malaysia's oral test!
its kinda late! but

k cya
Jaa ne!


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