Friday, April 11, 2008

My day 4 today!~

It was a normal day,, nothing happend actually,,
i was suffering.. cos my right hand hurts really hard to do homeworks.. im right-handed!!
haiz.. especially itll get superbly hurt when im doing lines with a ruler..
haizz.. wat a day,, its still hurts ryte now..
haha i have another hand anyway

today we did a practice for the promotion day.. its for next week..
its the last practice cause on monday we have to do the promotion oredy..

the banner was really PRETTY!!
a bowl of curry mee!
Sally did it by herself.. she's a very creative girl!!
THANKS to Ng Sally!

the speech will be in english(Weng Teik) and chinese(Kar Mun)
THE LEAD SINGER!! (Karen Yuen)
huhu i hope itll go well..
we will b singging the Curry Mee Crew song with a conductor (Jyh Chyuan)

ahhh.,, actually i dun want to sing,.
but all of the students in the class have to sing together on the assembly..

nvm its worth to try! haha
it might be FUN anyway


haha i dunno wat to do now.. So, ill promote my school's carnival day..


Date>26th of April 08
Time> 8.30a.m-1.00p.m (not sure bout the time jus come around that time) haha
Place: SMK Seri Saujana *my sch*

there will be a THEME PARK!!
and also EXTRA SCARRY GHOST HOUSE!! *not sure...
im not going in it anyway.. not brave enough haha*

for japanese food lovers there will be a sushi stall too!!
oh yea! and dun forget to come to My class' food stall!!
which is CURRY MEE stall! *obviously*

COME with all your frens

promote END!
haha XD
i think that's all..
if im thinking of posting more Ill post more later haha

that's all! byebye!

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