Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iftar Ramadhan

Two days straight, I had iftar with friends, firstly was with college friends. The next day with schoolmates. :) so first thing first, Assalamualaikum to all.

12 August 2011
I drove with Azrul to Alamanda Putrajaya, to fetch 2 little kids, haha, Puteri and Nurul. Its been awhile since we've seen each other. So! from Alamanda off we go to SUNWAY PYRAMID. It was raining heavily when I was driving, thank goodness i eat carrots#wink2. Fuuhh from Putrajaya to Sunway. OMAGAH so FAR! like seriously very FAR! Advise: don't go to Sunway Pyramid from Putrajaya, if you don't know the short way. =.=" But! we got there on time! YEAH. Meet up with Piqa and soon after Shikin. Then others start to show up. Kaiz, Alia, Teddy!, Habsah, Faris and his family, and Sarah. I didn't miss out anyone right? :D

Walk around for awhile, and off to the place Shikin booked for our break fast. HARTZ chicken buffet it is! :D Yeaah. CHICKEN! It was buffet and RM30 per pax! Its quite okay. But i prefer Seoul Garden HEHE. #pomot pomot!. So we eat eat eat eat. AND take picturesss! :D

So after walk around again with bloated stomaches lol.
We head home! I sent Puteri and Nurul safely, and I reach home. :D

13 August 2011
THE PLAN WAS FAILING. And we almost canceled it,due to some circumstances?. Is that a correct usage of word? LOL. Plus it was raining heavily~! agai
n. But, since we invited lots of humans already, so me and
Rus decided to just go with the plan. We all meet up at Kajang Toll, and convoy with 4 cars (or was it 5?) to the eating place! There was more people than expected. Haha, SUCCESS!

There was, 15 people! FIFTEEENN :D haha MERIAH GILA! :) We ate at The Nim's Little Island Cafe *pomot pomot. In Kajang. After the berbuka, went Alamanda for bowling! It was fun, because its been awhile since I bowl. Haha nak markah sama aje ngan Rus Azureen. Huhu. Huzaifah belanjaaa. Thankyou thankyou Huzaifah :D. Right after one game finishes, PICTURES!! chik chik chik.

Quickly head home. :)
It was great to hang out with ALL of them. :D
Lets Do It AGAIN? haha! #dahkenamarahdenganmamataklehkeluardah =.=

p/s: Thank You Azrul Hisham, accompanying me, driving, for two consecutive days! <3

That is ALL!
Assalamualaikum! :)

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rahimah.Y said...

yg blouse merah putih/scarf coklat tu eh ainan?

aine ilina said...

yeaap itulah ainan :) masuk unimap sama2 ngan dia nanti tau kak mah! HUHU

Lilylee said...

Lahh sama praktikum ngn Put rupenye. We were classmates back in 2008 and 2009. Kecik dunia. :)

aine ilina said...

Lilylee; ohh yeke! AWESOME nyaa! nanti nak bgtau Put laa :D

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