Sunday, January 3, 2010

type type..

yeah today is the 3rd day of 2010~!
the time is moving faster and faster each day
well the time are actually moving the same pace everyday
but im the one that feels it moves faster each day
so today.. i woke up at 10am! haha earlyyyy
yeap its because today had a family outing at Sunway Lagoon!
haha it wasnt crowded.. many people.. but not that crowded.. just okay
anyway! we went to the Water Park n Amusement Park!
in Water Park, we all played with the WATER! haha! XD *obviously
and and we finished playing at the water park late
so didnt really get to play the amusement park that much *everyone exhausted

but! i tried walking on the LONG bridge of sunway lagoon!
hehe it was SCARRY!!!!! yeah i have ACROPHOBIA! haha
my sister was looking so COOL walking on the bridge..
but actually she's also SCARED! hahaha well im WORSE.. hehe
we didnt even go halfway of the bridge!
we turned and go back where we came from~~ haha
SO! people, dun ajak me to go to high placess like
CABLE CARS or that LONG BRIDGE! i SERIOUSLY will not survive till the end
super scary i tell you! *yeah im LAME

anyway! after we went out from the LAGOON
we all flew to PYRAMID... my mum wanted to pay for something
then, we all went for an early dinner at Kenny Rodgers weeee...
after eating, my sister, abg radi and my mum went to find CarloRino?
me, my lil sis, and my dad go and watch people playing ice skating down there
haha it was FUN jus seeing them PLAY~~i wannaaaa SKATE!! :D
i dunno when.. but im SURE i will skate on the ICEEE soon! haha
right after that went home and SLEEP

most of my friends are finding a JOB to keep them BUSY on this long holidays
i cant find JOBS yet because i registered for my DRIVING LICENSE
woot!! ill be driving!~~ haha!
but i still havent go to the UNDANG LECTURE thinggy
its hard laa.. this driving thinggy never give any schedual oso~ aiyoo
should give schedual so i wont be missing any of those boring lecture~
but yeah i have to past the undang2 test to get L!
if not my dad will have to pay more for another test~
i hope im good in driving! cos i never drove illegally before *not allowed haha
im such a GOOD girl..

my 2nd sister went back to her Uni already..
so, one of the sengal people not at home
BORING laa.. my lil sis starting school tomorrow
as a secondary school student! (: dun wry u'll be fine *konon baek! :P
ill be ROTTING at home kinda alone, doing, i dont know what.. haih
i have the UNDANG Lecture this Wednesday i hope i have the feeling to go
cannot feeling feeling! MUST go! =.=

that's all for now~
good luck for the job application my friends~!
WORK hard to get good salary and BELANJA me okay? ;p
ill post sunway's picture on the next POST! (:

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