Sunday, January 17, 2010

Onew ♥

its just a random title.. a good one huh?
fyi: HE's MINE! hahaha XD


kay! ive been doing nothing at home lately..
im still waiting for my L license which havent been informed to me about
haha at home.. ive been SHINee-ing alot
yeah. ive finished SHINee Yunhanam
Yunhanam was awesome~ haha Onew Sangtae was the best Part!
and i also watched Idol Maknae Rebellion
which Taemin, Key, and Jonghyun battled with other idol group
they was super COMPETITIVE! haha
haha Taemin was surprisingly good with that pole thinggy haha!
but he lost the next one.. but he beat a guy in 3SEC!
haha the maths question.. haha everyone got confused
it was 2nd grade maths question lol
the part when they make a phone call to Nicole (kara) was so CUTE
haha Nicole talked like a machine.. she likes to repeat the same word~
lastly SHINee challenge the competitor to do a Crossdressing competition
wether they can be prettier than Taemin as a girl (Taeyeon)
haha it was AWESOME.. and SHINee lost.. =X haha
cos the plastic surgery doctor picked Dongho (U-Kiss)! haha
taemin as a girl (taeyeon) *preetty than a girl ryte?
i think he's prettier than Me! XD

the best part is the doctor look at this picture said Taemin look
"prettier" in person than in the picture (taeyeon) haha!
Taemin was dissapointed by that tho
haha he wanted to be seen in people's eye as a manly boy
so he wants to be said that he looked "cool" more than "pretty"
haha Taemin has GROWN up! :D aww..~ *shucks

wow.. i wrote long about Maknae Rebellion lol!
haha Yunhanam! yeaaah i know its a very OLD program
but but but~ i get to see sooo many Onew Sangtae! omoo he's CUTE!
kay! ill stop about SHINee and talk about something else
oh yeah! Irynn got a job already~ congratulation girl! (:
and and and I wanted start back my Japanese class..
but its kinda, my mum havent give the confirmation~

and and and i went to Equine Park Jusco yesterday..
wanted to buy that purple SHINee-ish sneakers but got no size for me
and its the only pair LEFT~ so im gonna search the same sneakers
in Alamanda and Cheras Selatan Jusco~

i really wanted to go see SHINee in Singapore.. but too bad
its just a dream that i should keep as a DREAM *sounds sad huh?
hahaha~ anyway.. i hope i can go to Super Junior's CONCERT~!

so that's all for today's post!
whatever he does, its the Onew condition! ♫ ~

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