Sunday, January 10, 2010

more stuff to write..

okay! the last post was all about Driving Academy
and some pictures on family outing at Sunway Lagoon
so now im gonna write other things i did on the week that
i didnt update this blog.. so here goess~

the day before KPP i went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to watch AVATAR
i really want to watch the 3D version.. but i havent get to go.. anyone?
hahaha Avatar movie was uperbly AWESOME it was a very long Story
but seriously awesome i almost got frozen in the cinema
because of the long-ness of the movie.. but Avatar is a must watch!
i like the night day in Pandora cause it looked so beautiul cause cause cause..
PANDORA glows! every single trees and anything LIGHTS up at night
really really PWEETY.. and and Pandora has more than 1 moon! preety!
hehe the plants, animals, insects in Pandora is sooo weirdly structure but
its CREATIVE.. fuuuhh i would like to go Pandora someday HAHA!

anyways.. i heard that Saujanians got the School Magazine already
and i saw the cover at Ann Ni's blog.. it looked AWESOME.. good job girls!
i dont know when should i go to school and take the Magazine
i missed school actualy.. ahaha NOT!
i still havent get to go Ice Skating~ gahh when when WHEEEEN!!? =X

hmmm.. i thot i have so many things to type.. but now..
i got nothing! haha.. OH yeah! im thinking bout changing my blog to Purple!
yeaaahh going to change it sooon~ (:
New year maahh need New Layout laaa.. hahah XD
maybe? i feel lazy at the same time! should i?
VOTE people! at the poll up there (:

so, i think that's all for now~
till next POST! :)
purple is my colour in 2010!

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