Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fun fact :D

"post la ape ape" ni lah ape ape.. i dun even kno wat's my MOTIVe =.="

one! i cant read a blog or anything on computer screen that used black background
= i will see lines the minute i read it

two!! i often use the language that no one understands

three!!! i often pronounce words wrongly and make it become a new word! (aine's dictionary) the same thing goes to typoss
example: LOL-> LOIL (Laugh out intensively?? Loud)

four!!!! i laugh like there's laughing gas around me~ :D hehe yeap i spent 90% of my life LAUGHING! XD..

five!!!!! nobody [reminds me of wondergirls] can stop me from being WEIRD..
cos i do that most of my time everyday.. yeap i can go really really Super WEIRD sometimes

six!!!!!! my 2nd sister can laugh just looking at my face.. even im not doing any jokes~
* im a clown i guess... but i think i can be the FUNNIEST clown at home?.. Clowns arent FUNNY anyway.. seriously theyre not..

seven!!!!!!! CLowns arent FUNNY.. theyre annoying *yeah i know i wrote this.. but still.. its a fact!

Eight!!!!!!!! i have the ability to CRAP and being SUPER Random.. My RANDOMness... no one can beat it! im BORN to CRAP and being RANDOM.. emmm maybe they are people more random than me.. awesome~

Nine!!!!!!!!! i have lots of nicknames.. (: haha!

Ten!!!!!!!!!! im not typing anything here__________________________.....

kay! that's some FUN FACTS i know~
not really FUN huh? i think i enjoy playing a swing then reading this
arhhh.. i dun think anyone understand this post HAHA XD

im ending this post with..

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