Sunday, January 10, 2010

been awhile~ ♥

woaahh its been awhile since i update this blog
so, here i am updating so that this blog wont DIE
haha as i promised.. ill be posting sunway lagoon's pics on this post
yeap im about to do it hehe..
sorry Chee Kuan hehe if u were waiting for the pics (:
here it is
this bridge was super SCARY~! i freaked out all the way when walking on it =X

iPhone freaks haha XD

sengal faces! hahaha XD

so! let me start with this post with....
Perfect Driving School! (:
woot~ on Wed, 6Jan2010.. i went for KPP (Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu)
it was 5 hours lecture class! yeah BORING! haha
i went with Athirah.. i asked her to register the driving academy at my place
love this day because i found Siti Radiatul Atira.. my gosh, missed her so much
and Nicole Chan was there too! it was FUN meeting high school friends
its a coincedence that we met at the driving academy.. yea it wasn't planned
as Siti wrote in her blog she dyed her hair, RUBY RED.. haha
but it doesnt look ruby red laaa! hahaha more like brown.. but still pretty
we started the lecture and it was BORING seriously.. the first teacher was okay
but the second one after the break... err got no idea why.. he mumbles alot~ =X
haha when we got our break.. me, thirah and siti go lunch at the near mamak
we talk talk talk.. haha and we got back in the class LATE hehehe XD

Sat, 9Jan2010 went again to the Driving Academy to take the
Computer test.. and alhamdulilah i passed by 2marks! haha~ :D
it was quite good for a person that watch BOF on the day before the exam haha
anyway.. me and thirah get to finish the test early and passed so, we had to
leave from the exam place and made Siti stay alone.. *she passed her exam too
since me and thirah finish the person that drive us there
dragged us to stay for the theory lesson.. we waited like hours for the exam
then need to plus 6 bloody HOURS more! haih.. the theory lecture was fun
but amali lecture was kinda boring and that time everyone were exhausted ady
poor Siti didnt have the time to continue the theory lecture
cause it was late ady when she finished her exam

so now.. ill be getting my L license! i cant wait to drive for the first time!
hehe i dun know when am i suppose to go practical practice~
next Wednesday, maybe? so then, i think im posting bout this only
since it already a long post with just about the Driving Academy haha XD

so, till next post! (:
hopefully im good in driving

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