Wednesday, January 20, 2010


a picture i took otw to endah parade LOL! *street flower

weeeeee.. its been awhile since i update this blog
2 days ago my i got my L license.. so i went to the office
to give the kakak, Athirah's picture.. then the kakak said
that i can take the L license home!
haha it is soo LOW quality la.. nevermind la.. the expiry date is on April..
so, not going to use the license for a long time anyway
i have to pay full payment first then i can continue
to go practice for the next exams

on the same day.. it was on Monday.. irynn had 1 day OFF from work haha
so i went CRASH her place~ we did nothing more than ONLINING
haha then Athirah asked me to take her license picture...
that's when the Perfect Academy call saying that i can take my L license ady
so after we take the picture.. me and irynn straight to Endah Parade
for Lunch since im seriously HUNGRY.. then after eating and all..
went to visit Azrul and Adrian do their job at P1 Wimax
they're not really working anyway! hahaha~ their work are so EASY
but then BORING lah.. so people who go Endah Parade go visit them
at P1 Wimax booth near the McD icecream stall, LG floor i think

anyway.. ryte after that i planned to go to ex-school to take my sch mag
but then the teachers said the magazine will be given out on results day
so.. i went to see the CHEER people.. aww my JUNIORS..haha!
me and irynn went with siti.. so we three go and serbu the dewan bacaan
and i just notice that.. that school seriously changed
every classes' names! theres no more Science students and Social!
theyre ALL are WOOODs name! =X yeah WOODs i say!!
they should change it back! wat kind of class is 3RAMIN? sounds like RAMEN!
haha wat do i care? im not in that school anymore..
the canteeen are so much more prettier than last time..
new chairs and tables, and more stalls!
seriously the school hated our year huh? LOLs
so we went there for awhile ony.. then went back home so that's it

i dun know what to write ady..
oh yeah.. i wont be updating this blog with SHINee stuff..
cos i've reOPen my fanaccount on LJ
so no more FLAILs here haha!
so then till next update!


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