Saturday, January 2, 2010

yummy bbq nyte

lamb lamb lamb lamb
yeap its all about the delicious LAMB!
woots! im changing from human to a LAMB cos ate so many LAMB yesterday nyte!
hehehe the LAMB was yummy! and
i woke up this morning searching for more Grilled Lamb to BITE
but its all FINISHED~ haha! XD *crazy lamb eater

anyways.. i just noticed that i forgot to post this picture~
i edited it to post it here but i forgot! heehe so here's the picta!
its from Reunion
puiyan looks so cute in this picta! :D

anyways! didnt take lots of pics last nyte~ was busy EATING!
hahahaha! fun eat.. yum yum!

ohyeah! the people that are selected for NS going to their camps already!
goodluck you guys! hope the Camp will be FUN! :)

that's all for now!
till next post
haha byeeeeeeeeeeeee

p/s: i want some more LAMB! hahaha XD

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