Sunday, May 15, 2011


taken at pizzahut Jusco Melakaa :D story below

woot woot the title is soo AWESOME 3 M! 3M! lololol

when was at Melaka did nothing but went out to Jusco and shop at EtudeHouse,
yeah nothing much, Abg Radi Husin went to make his n
ew pair of spectacles, K-spec okay? LOL
oh oh, pegi Pizza Hut, SERVICE SUCK, then COMPLAINED baru nak terhegeh2 serve=.=
haha i made Abg Radi COMPLETELY a FAN OF RUNNING Man! hahaha! who DOESN'T LOVE RUNNING MAN?!
kan? kalau ada tu bukan manusia la tu, ataupun takda sense of humour!
lol gila dah abg radi went on a RUNNNG MAN FRENZY! lol
he's watching it more than i AM! Omagah lololol

MACAROONS! *still in Melaka!
ah ahh! made Macaroons! Siti Radiatul Atira AMAZINGLY found my sister house! :D
so we started to bake at 6pm and it was HARD! so here's some of the macaroons that turn out well..

this thing is SUPER SWEET! =.= i don't like it. it
was nice at first.. soon after more bites.. BWEEK! too sweet..

lalalala, know why this post is delayed =.= i know, tried to post up pictures its too big =.=
THAT's THE PROBLEM omagah so i resized it, so bad i blamed the blogger MUAH

MEATBALLS! got back on the weekend and WENT FOR MEAATBALLING! muahaaha
Baby atiya: achik! yeay yeay kita pegi meatball laaah :DD
*muka tak sabar mata berkilau*

Baby atiya: Mama i want Meatball too!! :o

fyi, one meatball is missing from my plate,
its already in my STOMACH! <3
tak sabaar2 nak makan, kan? XD

yummmmmm sangaat sedaaaap :D heehee, tak lupa doa makan OKAY!? LOL
then then! bought athirah a new PLUSH TOYY FROM IKEAAA <3
that's all! MEAAATTBALL IKEAAA *droolss

then then BALIK, end
assalamualaikum! :D

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