Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let me TELL you :)

Assalamualaikum~ :)
yeah freedom started, and its been weeks since.
im so lazy to update this blog due to so called BUSY-ness
so what's NEW?
alhamdulillah ive been called for an interview for Japanese Linguistic in UM
the interview is on 6th of May which coming fast! and.. i am so nervous about it!
i hope i'll do well, insyaAllah..

so what i've been doing?
right after the holiday started i went out with friends and also went for a gathering!
it was AWESOME seriously.. need to write it down here so, i wont forget about it :)
i have problem remembering those events that pasts a long time ago :)
ahh i went to SMK SERI SAUJANA to get my SPM certificate~ the school CHANGED!
met Pn Lena my class teacher when i was form5 and Pn Aida.. talk like nobody bussiness
and took some pictures! <3

Went for Nasi Arab in Setiawangsa for a gathering of F3p2 and F3p1 peeps
it was SO FAR! seriously! Setiawangsa!! lots of train stations.
im so glad that i found 'Atiq and Tieka on the way to Majid Jamek! :D, yeah i was alone
after finished eating went to Wangsa Walk, planned to bowl but it was hell lots of peeps..
so, we walk around instead.. And went for TUTTI FRUTTI, for the first time, yes.
Bak kata kak atie.. "tak kaya sangat nak pegi tutti fruitti" *and yeah quite EXPENSIVE
the gathering was awesome gonna miss the times with KMS peeps :)
so later on, Ain Farhan suddenly asked on going for a sleepover at Nabihah's place.
me, Irynna, Rus, Ain and Nabihah went Mid Valley and The Gardens before the sleepover.
Walk around the mall, had Lunch and watched THE ROOMATE, i was expecting more
from the movie.. more KILLING to be exact =.= after the movies, we walk around
once more and straight to Nabihah's place :) it was far.. and tiring but FUN :D
got to Nabihah's place wash up and had dinner! Nasi Arab.. again :D
at night.. watched Korean Movie, Death Bell.. KIM BEOM!!! :)
and before we went to bed we wore MASKS and FAKE CUCUMBERS :)

for the couple of days before today.. ive BEEN BUSY with baking cuppies
there's A LOT of orders from my lil sister's friends :)
i got myself the first income for 2011~ so anyone wants to order some cupcakes
go to my facebook account :)


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