Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saya da malas, and ooh Arashi

Saya dah malas nak update blog.
why? because of this suckish blogger keep on getting on my NERVE =.=
yes. that's why.

by the way, im still in Melaka! :)
been eyeing on online shopping wedges, and some wedges elsewhere,
I JUST WANT a pair of wedges, a comfortable one that i can wear everywhere! ;D
let me know any decent and affordable online shop that sells WEDGES okay? LOL
yeah, pretty obsessed with wedges for now. PM PM PM okay? :)

oh btw~ a GOOD NEWS for Malaysian ARASHIAN!

Malaysian [Scene] Dome DVD Screening
and Nino's Birthday Celebration Calling All Malaysian Arashian~! ^^

Date: 18 June 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Red Box, The Gardens
Time: 11 am to 4 pm (maybe extend to 5 pm)
**Fee: RM39 (inclusive of lunch, birthday cake and beverages)
Payment: Must be bank in before 4 June 2011

Account Type: Maybank
Account Number: 112175116517

Once you've already banked-in the payment, please email to
Shakie (
OR Fitrin ( these details:

Full name:
LJ Name:
Time of Transaction:
Phone Number:

***P/S: . Please bring along the transaction slip (for those who use cash deposit machine)
OR print-screen the page of the transaction on the June 18.
If you need more information regarding this event,
you are most welcome to contact any of the organizers below:

Reef: 012-2631539
Shakie: 017-4637501
Shida: 012-3296876
Fitrin: 013-4928283

Let's have some fun with ARASHI~!

or easier, please contact me first, and ill let my friend know :) <3
see? isnt that AWESOME or what? i went to the AAA concert and it was awesome!
AND THIS WILL BE TOO! lets participate! <3
THERE WILL BE MERCHANDISE SALE TOOO! lets look forward to it! <3
interested? please leave a poke on this post okay? will reply a.s.a.p
its not like i have anything else to do XD *ill just wait the comments LOL #ihavenolife

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