Monday, May 30, 2011

the WORLD is a MESS

yeah since ive got no EVENTS or anything else to post, how about a little bit off-topic post
as you see, nowadays there's so many wrong doings of humans in this world.
since everyone knows that NOBODY in this world is born perfect in this world,
except the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, yes, this is one awesome man that Allah S.W.T loves the most
Humans nowadays, they just don't have anything else to do, do they?
and seriously why is the ACID MAN exist? why? dengki sangat ke sampai nak simbah2 asid ha?!
is the acid man got arrested yet? huu, NEWS, i don't really update them, to be frankly yes.
but i do know some of those heart-breaking crimes that is going on the world out there,
bullies, babies got thrown away and etc. These wrong doings, we should take a look at it.
the WRONGS we should avoid, and make the world a better place, it wont be the best, but BETTER.
we, youths can change these things. Its not easy since there is too many of it already,
keep on doing it and it'll be a habit, but its worths to try dear friends LOL *sounds so wise suddenly
This is the time when COMMON SENSE ARE NO LONGER COMMON for young people nowadays.
Get on your common sense, AND Gather your humanity and these kind of things wont happen,
But yeah i know, it is not THAT EASY, so this is just a MERE RANDOM POST that i published.
a sudden change to a WISE GIRL buahahaha. I just don't have anything else to post, but I MEAN IT!
so, think about it, for your future and your own good.
Your happiness, your fortune, your luck, by anytime Allah can take it back, SO BE THANKFUL.
and so TAKYAH AH SIMBAH2 ASID BAGAI =.=, *macam la acid man tu baca post ni kan?
alaaa.. mana tau kaan ada yang baca ni planning nak try simbah2 clorox ke kan? HAHA
boleh jugak dia ubah fikiran.. *konon! :P
i just want the humans been acidified other people face get caught~ thats all
if the ACID MAN ARE CAUGHT that's a good thing! MUAHAHA, alhamdulillah

THINK ABOUT IT THROUGHLY on everything and every aspect before you do anything :)
im just saying you know.
take care peeps, assalamualaikum~! :D

p/s: i know i made this post 'quite' late, but oh well. Got nothing else in mind! <3

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