Friday, May 20, 2011

Lazy post.

did nothing today. woke up late, online and was bored
siti radiatul atira woke up SOOOO much later than me, and said she was bored
and we went out for a bit to The MINES
what did we do? EATTT muahahaha!
bought Auntie Anne's, HOT & ROLL, COOL BLOG, and TAKO TAO!
i really wish someday, Tutti Fruiti will be opening there in Mines, I WISH!
oh btw talking about Tutti Fruiti, IT WILL BE OPENING IN SERI PETALING!
or is it OPENED? oh well, its the closest place to get me a frozen yogurt! XD

oh, that's all for this possstttiee~! <3
byebye! :D

p/s: ill be in Melaka by sunday till wednesday and will be back to Melaka the following day!

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