Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Harry Potter ROCKS!

but! i don't read the books, maybe i should start reading them?
I love the movies, i love THEIR ACCENT, its just so CUTE lol, weird huh?
and the movie is so ADDICTIVE and its not BORING after you watch it several of times
waiting EXCITEDLY for HP7Part2~ :D
well among the HP movies, i love the 3rd one the BEST! it is because,
HARRY, RON and HERMOINE look at their BEST haha!
others are quite slacky? too young? and too URGHHH? LOL
but still Harry Potter Sequence are AWESOME!
thumbs UP for Harry Potter,
and DON'T FORGET TO WATCH HP7 part 2 this JULY
*sudden promotion* hehe promoter tak berbayar

look at them! they were so YOUNG! :D
so that's all! byebye!
Assalamualaikum! :D
p/s: this is just a RANDOM post XD

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