Friday, December 25, 2009

cuppycakes ♥

the title sayssssss CUPPYCAKES
tomorrow is the day for the WEDDING on groom's side
we will be wearing RED! wohooo lols!
anyway.. my sis asks me to bake some cuppycakes for the event
[will post the pictures of the cupcakes on next post!]
weeeee! its been awhile since i bake them.. XD
anyway~ its gonna be fun! and tiring
i went to the store for baking supplies that Rus was talking about..
WOOAH i love that place weh! there's everything there~~~ HAHA
Rus, that place is kinda far laa! u said its NEAR ony.. =.="
just another mile from that place, can see MID VALLEY! haha far ryte?
haha but! worth it laa.. i got everything i need for baking!
im surely gonna go there again to buy other stuffs! wohooo!

so! ive found the baking supplies shop....
NOW! im excited to open a CUPPYCAKES bakeryblog
wohoo~~ when it's OPENED and bussiness started~~
visit it and buy yea! :D
hehe Rus is SOOOO gonna be my KULI muahahaha! *kidding! ; evil smile
HAHA anyway.. i dont really know how to open a SHOPblog
those who have experience, can teach me??
or give me any link to guide me for opening a SHOPblog? ;
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

i hope this will work as planned! weeeee
that's all for now!
Baking is FUN!

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