Sunday, December 27, 2009

had a long day

yeap today was a BLAST haha * not really
but today was FUN
i woke up kinda late since i slept really late..
then after i woke up eat and everything
my aunty and uncle with my cousins going back to terengganu already..
after they finished haj they stayed here at my place
so past few days the house is lively
we said our goodbyes and everything
then my parents and bro send them to the KLIA

my parents straightaway go to a wedding
but after my bro got home, me , eda, inani went Alamanda for a movie
we watched Princess And The Frog~
it was kinda boring.. but still okay laa

straight away we go home after the movies
and after dawn we went BOWLING!! wohhhooo
it was FUN, my mum's surprisingly AWESOME in this game
wohhooo mama ROCKS! lol
anyway.. after 3 games each person.. *tiring yea
we went to a restaurant to eat..
yum yum.. i ate alot~~ wohhoo

and now.. i jus got back and writing all this thing here
today is family BONDING day! hahaha
next trip; desa water park?? hehe :D

im super tired and need sleep now..
need to wake up early tomorrow to go Rus' place!
that's all for now..
have a great day! *tomorrow!

[will post the pictures on the next post! :)]

p/s: im sorry i couldn't make any cupcakes today.. i didnt have the time..
so, no cuppycakes for the reunion ):

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