Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yeah this is just a random post, with a random pict~ :D

i just had a haircut.. loving it.. cut my fringe back like last time! :D
but! my hair is slightly SHORTER!
gah sayangnyeee it was soo long now gone! *exagerating
neways my sis' wedding is on 19th Dec! =)
i hope i survive in the clothes im suppose to wear >.<

long holidays is getting BORED! people lets go out again!
time to find prom stuff! *mendoukusai desuyo!
im super BORED.. haishhhh~
neways that's all for this random post~~

shampoo in swirl!

ps: anyone know any japanese class? i need to resume the japanese in me! :D
pps: why the HECK my music player there are not playing!?~ =S

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