Thursday, December 31, 2009


i just remembered to post about outing on 29dec
went Mid Valley with Irynn, Afiq, Izmir, and Azrul
i woke up late so went MV a lil bit late hehe XD
but i had to go home early on that day >.<
oh well~ never mind! because i get to watch....
Holmes is A GENIUS detective! woots! tensai!
it was seriously AWESOME! its a must watch!
better watch in CINEMA!
hehe the movie was super nice! watch it people!
anyways.. right after the movies
i had to go home already
sorry guys.. and irynn, cos i abandoned you.. =X
i didnt even get to eat with themm! huaaaaa T.T.. next time yea?

haha anyways! 2010 is coming by another few hours!
time really flies! i still remember ive jus starting 2009..
and now.. 2010 already!
time goes on really fast.. and yeay! get to see lots of FIREWORKS today
hopefully i get to see them from my house's balcony
1 January 2010.. New Year and my Dad's birthday
so tomorrow's night gonna have a BBQ.. AGAIN! weeee~ :D

i gonna write down my Resolutions for 2010~ !
i hope 2010 will be a better year.. :)

that's all for now!
happy new year~

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