Tuesday, December 8, 2009

its OVER~~!

Yeah!! its FINALLY OVER!!
no more school~~ hehe
going to miss all my friends though
but.. im still happy that the exams are FINALLY over!
gahh! now! after SPM to do LIST!

  1. throw out all the books~!
  2. prom
  3. start taking lots of pictures again
  4. start cupcakes bussiness
  5. resume/restart japanese class~!
  6. take driving license?.... maybe
  7. buy J&Kdramas DVDs! woot *if got enough money =.="
  8. DRAMA marathon! weee!
  9. go movies with Friends
  10. PuriKura with FRIENDS!! yeaaah!! ;D
  11. hang out with past & present friends! *people contact me! =)
  12. Update blogspot everyday.. and don't abandoned Photoblogiee or LJ
  13. Take baking class
  14. SLEEEPOVER! yeaah! XD
that's all for now.. maybe later ill add! haha! XD

  • 6th Dec, Nur Ain Farhan
  • 7th Dec, Nur Haizrina Anis!
  • 8th Dec, my own BIG sister Aine Izzati & Abg Radi's Mum :D
Happie birthday people! =) love ya!!
hope ur wishes come true
semoga panjang umur murah rezeki!

gonna have BBQ nyte today!! YEAY!!
celebrating birthdays and SPM funeral! *this is just my celebration laa haha XD

till next post! gyahaha

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