Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SHINee 2010 calendar

wohooo~ New Year is cmg!
but for us Muslim we already had our new year on
18thDec awal muharam
so! i better think of my resolution faster~ haha
anyway! SHINee's 2010 CALLENDAR is OUT!
wohoo.. i was BROWSING through wordpress
and FOUND their pictures~ weeeeee
feel like posting them here~~ so! here WE GO!!! :D

aww look at my adorable Onew! *melts

awww look at THEM!!! super super SHINee

click to enlarge

THEY are soo super adorable!! kyaaa
hehe.. enjoy the pics! cos i did!

that's all for now!!
SHINee is

there's more fantastic pics in WORDPRESS! :D
credits to wordpress! :)

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