Thursday, December 24, 2009


haih... yeap my life at home on this LONG holidays is getting very BORING
i need to do something to keep me busy and all........
i started to watch BOF but my cousins and sister watches it
and they watched far ahead of me already
=.= i have to wait till they finish and watch it again..
anyway.. Rus! come la my house.. i bought the dvd ady.. lets do drama marathon! :D

i got to start my baking lessons faster! im getting super BORED at home..
gah.. i want to go outing with friends again.. where are you people!?
never contact me pun haha.. i think i should register to driving class first..
hmm yeah maybe i should do that~ :) *random

oh yeah! my sis' recomend me a JOB!
wohoo.. ive got green lights from my mum ady sumore!
want to know what's the job? ....... a Kindergarten Teacher! weeeee
my sis said its a English teacher.. gah my english not that good! LOL
hehe, the kindergarten is just in my neighbourhood.. i can just WALK to get there!
lol.. and and the salary is rm800 a month!
but i still don't know wether im going to work there or not
hahaha *lazyness terserlah!

anyway.. i did nothing today.. just went to Amcorp Mall to find clothes
for this saturday event.. huhu Amcorp Mall is sumhow.. really BORING
or isit just me? BUT! memang boring pun tempat tu! =.="

im getting lazy to update my photoblog!
cos i seriously got no AMAZING photo to post!~
haha i wanted to go Putrajaya to snaps some scenery there
who wants to follow!?????????? LOL

seriously.. i am so SUPER DUPER bored at home~~~~
fyi.. i've been using "seriously" and "wow" and"wohoo"and alot !
That's explained that im really BORED,
that i keep on repeating the same WORD!

i think that's all i wana type
i love SHINee!

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