Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wow! so many things to write

  1. PROM
Yesterday, 21 December 2009 was the Prom Night for SMK Seri Saujana ; Waltz Under The Blue Moon
before prom, i was seriously BUSY with my sis wedding
so, right after the Wedding I terus HAUNT for prom stuff~
it was tiring to all things in one day! my legs CRAMPED!
so the PROM nyte was Seriously AWESOME..
yeah im kinda SLEEPY on that nyte.. but! the AWESOME-ness kept me awake
neways the FOOD was seriously delish!
yeh yeh yeh Buffet!
i loves BROCCOLI and they served it!
hee.. its more FUN when they actually play the songs i like!
They also played WonderGirls' Nobody! Suju's Sorry Sorry..
yeah! the best part was Sorry Sorry! people actually know the DANCE!

its my first time jumped, walked, RUN, and even danced with HEELS!
sumhow its kinda fun.. BUT! later on.. i cant even STAND! lols
yeap HEELS kills! hahaha XD

anyway.. i had FUN! its seriously FUN
SAUJANA rocks..
ill miss all my friends~~ T.T
i will cherish this memories..
I love you all! *sobss

so the awards! lol
PromKing: Min Chun
PromQueen: Melody
Best Dressed;
Girl: Serena Yap *love ur dress serena!! ;D
Guy: Ou Yang
Best Couple: Yao Juan with his date

2. Wedding

my sister wedding was THE BOMB
lots of people came..
for my friends who came..
thank you! i really appreciate it and thank you very much for helping out
to , irynn, rus, maira, nabihah.. afifah, afiq and azrul!
thanks for helping and coming to the wedding =)

lots of people came BUT the food and the DOORGIFT got lots and lots EXTRA
yea if anyone wana eat lauk kenduri kawen datang la rumah ;D

if wants photo please visit my FACEBOOK okay? i am too lazy+tired to
post it here hehe

so that's all for now... i think

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