Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2. :)

one word, A to the W, E.S.O.M. and E.
AWESOME! SUPERBLY AWESOME dang! I loved it, and so going to watch it again WOOT WOOT. Watched it at IOI Mall Puchong. People are going Liverpool match, BUT I WENT FOR HARRY POTTER. Seriously, siapa belum tengok, CEPAT CEPAT tengok! Its a MUST WATCH list!

Why is it so awesome?

Because, this last part of Harry Potter, has the most Magic AND Actions! yeaaaah! :D it makes it the BEST out of others. I like the part where all the professors are doing the shield protector, O.O it was COOL, I wish Hogwarts offer me to study there lol! And not just that, there's still some FUNNY moments, which make it VERY awesome. Wont be putting any spoilers or anything, BUT you seriously have to watch! Those who havent watch, BOOK the tickets NOW! SERIOUSLY

Spoiler: Voldermort is still ugly, still don't have a proper nose. And still bald-headed that looked like an ugly watermelon. Well lets just say that he's still ugly as always :D

Last and not least, I watched it in Three Dimensional Movie. Muehehe, MORE AWESOMENESS!
Thankyou AineIzzati & RadiHusin
Harry Potter 7 part 2 is a MUST watch, where IT ALL ENDS!!
Bye and Assalamualaikumm! :D

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Chaza said...

nk tengok jugak...bes nye!!

aine ilina said...

yes, sangat best! perlu tengok! bukan nak tgk~ haha XD

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