Monday, July 18, 2011

The cutest baby in Malaysia

bought the bunny ears headband for her

Izza Athirah.
Has a mother named Aine Izzati and dad Radi Husin. So, im her aunt. Yeay. A good girl, who's going to be 7 months old on 23rd of this month. She's SUPER DUPER AWESOMELY cute. Macam Achik dia :P. But, seriously she's very adorable, and a very clever girl. I always wonder when is she going to walk and go around the shopping mall with me LOL. Betul tak tipu. Im very excited for that. Haha. Now, she has started to crawl backwards, and turns round and round. Boleh buat Ring Ding Dong jugaak :). Haha.

kidsblisshot, by Izza Athirah's Cikrul *pomotpomot*

Her crying can be very scarry though. She is a very punctual. It is because, while she was still in her mother's tummy, her mother was working on schedules. So, whenever milk is not given to her in time, she'll cry as hard as she can, and nothing works that time. Even giving her milk when she's crying, she wont drink it. *merajukpunyapasal. I experieced it before, OMAGAH, it was super scarry. I put her to sleep for awhile, but she's supposed to drink her milk hours ago. She woke up and CRY until her face is red -.- so scarry like seriously scarry! Cos she's dont cry often and suddenly cry super loud, siapa tak takut. LOL

But eventually she'll listen and done sulking. A good girl, punctual pulak tu. Huhu. Lambat sikit je mengamuk. Fuuh. She look best when she's laughing, ada dimples! haha~ Jelaous. Super dang CUTE okay? She likes to do lot sorts of expression, haha her thinking expression is epic cute, like figuring things out. Muka kesian pun ada tau, lol. Haha comel je. Oh yeah, she likes to look at lights. Any light will do, she just love to look at it. Light can win her attention. She's just so CUTE. I'll just go, "alololo comelnyaa dia" again and again, whenever I see her. I think if you meet her in person will do the same. Haha. That is why she is the CUTEST baby in Malaysia :D

Meet Izza Athirah Bt Radi Husin,
my super adorable niece.
She's growing up :')

Assalamualaikum. :D

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Aine Izzati said...

bangga..bangga.. *wink wink

Mior Chantek said...

Ohh,perempuan rupanya baby tu. ingtkan laki. baru nak buat adik angkat. haha

aine ilina said...

Aine Izzati; mana tak bangga nya -.- LOL

Mior; aduhai Mior berpada2 la laki, haha sengal

atien said...

comelnyerr....rasa mcm nk cubit2 je pipi dia.

aine ilina said...

kaan? :) comel sangat <3

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