Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, Girls Night Out~!

Yes! the tittle says it all,

I was surprised at first, when my parents don't really mind Im going out at night. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! huuu. Well, I'm all grown up now, boleh keluar malam dah. Alaa its not like we're doing a PARTY sopan ke apa. LOL. Bukan selalu punnn. Just hanging around doing some catching ups. Tempat nak Tutti Fruitti ajaa LOL. So, I waited for Siti Radiatul who's fetching me from ma house. She arrived at 9:00PM. Head out to Rus Azureen's place fetch her and OFF we go to Tutti Fruiti Seri Petaling.


we (me and Siti obviously) making havoc in the shop ^-^". Rus dah lari dulu, ha ha ha MALUU. Okay, the problem is -.- we were just picking the flavors of the frozen yogurt, tu pun nak havoc. Eee Rus ambik perisa chocolate~ :S haha! Siti love the Vanilla flavor and I love the Original TF. Awesome. While taking up the toppings, OMAGAH, I did a MESS -.-. Sorry abang2 tutti. BAHAHA okay, sebab tu la Rus dah blaa awal2 muahahha. Memalukan. Well it was Siti fault too! haha, no lah SIAPA SURUH AINE TARIK TUTTI CUP tu -.- #cacat. Alaa its what people called hmm.. REFLEX lol! #alasan.

sedaaap kan? jeles tak? jeles tak? LOL

Okay, went outside the shop to eat our FROYO~

Lol, me and Siti actually, didn't know what froyo stands for. HAHA. But Rus Azureen TAHU. JENJENJENG. Poyo je nak jenjenjeng bagaii. Frozen Yogurt it is! Haha seriously i had no idea that Froyo is a SHORTFORM of Frozen Yogurt. -.- It is so easy to figure out, yet we don't know what it is.

So~! we talk talk and talk, curse curse. LOL. Talk until it is 11:00 pm. Actually planned to stay there at Tutti longer cause on weekends and friday it closes at 1:00am,BUT! poor Siti lives very far, BANGI okay -.- SUPER far, so have to consider her driving in the middle of the night alone.
There's alot of things happend lately, I hope, all that will end soon!

Don't worry babe, Aine kan adaaa :D haha!

Okay! That's all till next post!
Love yourself, and be confident *tetibe bagi kata2 semangat takdakenamengenapunn.
Assalamualaikumm! <3

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