Monday, July 18, 2011

First Tutorial! :D

Acane nak letak gif, pastu gif tu gerak-gerak? macam ni?


Im using photobucket for the easiest way, of adding gif.
Make your photobucket account, you may use other photo uploader if it can support gifs.
But the best for me is Photobucket :) upload ur gif in your album
and LASTLY! copy paste your html codes in place.
For example, if you want to put here in your posts, you have to paste it on the EDIT HTML space. If you want to put on your sidebar, add the HTML/Javascript gadget, and paste your codes there!

some wrong doings are uploading the gif directly through Add Image button when posting, the gif will be uploaded to be an image file, so, it wont be moving. THEREFORE, i used the miracle of HTML codes :)

Goodluck! :D

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