Saturday, July 23, 2011

A girls' day outtt~

Okay finally I'm updating something, oh FYI, i changed the date of this post, Just to make the events are more organised when I'll be reading it, few years later. :) This Blog is like a diary to me anyway, a public diary? LOL *kena tapis la tapi*

OKAY! stop talking bout the blog, and start talking about the day out! YEAAHH, its been quite often in this couple of weeks, I've been hanging out with Siti Radiatul Atira. Yeah, keluar je, mesti dengan minah ni, buah hati pun dah jealous. HAHA. What to do. She's going back to college soon, so kena la keluar sebelum dia pergi jauh. Am I right? (Y). haha.

So! firstly Siti fetch me from my house and off we go to SS2. SS2? I've only been there like twice. First time was with Irynna and her grandaunt. Why did we go SS2 Anyway?! Sebabnyaa, Rus Azureen is working at Fat Spoon that day. Bertuah punya kawan, orang ajak pegi Sports day sekolah a week before, boleh pulak dia pergi kerja? -.-" oh anyway. Rus have something going on, so we're the girlfriends, its our JOB. To meet and accompany her, tell stories, catching up, cursing. SKIP THAT.

We arrived SS2 or people call it UPTOWN? idc LOL

Another problem, that Siti don't really remember where the Fatspoon Cafe was. =.= I lagi lah tak tahu, I never reach there before. We go around all the buildings, and finally found the Cafe Rus working at. And next problem appeared, WHERE THE HECK TO PARK?! Susah gila nak park around there. Go around the building twice, and there! Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki parking. Agak jauh. Tapi takda la jauh sangat. ATLEST ada la Parking.

kerja pun cover ayu tauu, *tau aja orang amik gamba dia -.-

Yeaaaay, arrived Fatspooon! And I was STARVING.

Lapar sangat sampai terlupa nak amik gamba makanan tuu :(
anggap je laa atas tu ada gamba makanan :D

So, we greeted Rus and Rus' mum. Sat down. Rus came to take the order, BAHAHA she's a waitress. Siap duduk bagai kan? borak2 lagi. Memang ah, dah nama pun kawan. So i ordered something heavy, Chicken Curry Rice, Siti ordered desserts. The curry WAS AWESOME. YEAAAH. Not everyone can cook a nice CURRY that can satisfy me! Fatspoon did a great job. Alaa aine ni, padahal curry tu pedas sebab tu dia suka ^^" yes. One of it, sebab pedas! :D sukaaaa. I think the food there is not bad so! Jomlah pegi Fat Spoon Cafe rakan-rakan! *pomotpomot LOL.

berdiri kat tgh2 The Street tu tiba2 amik gambar #cacat

So after done eating. We went to The CURVE. Disini la SchazaZedane *pomot2blogdia* diceritakan oleh saya tentang Perempuan Pakai Legging Jadi Seluar Pastu Cover-Cover guna beg. =.= NASEB Schaza takda, abes kena sumpit perempuan tu nanti -.-. Okay FASTFORWARD. Hmm walk around The Curve, and there was a Squasy Tournament! Rus said something about meeting Nicol Ann David, and SUDDENLY! She crossed infront of US! :O I KNOW RIGHT?! Awesome. lol eksaited lebih. The we walk around The Street. Buy nothing, cos NO MONEY NO BUY. :X
oh lupa, takda duit pun, pegi tutti jugak BAHAHA! XD *addicted

Went back to tesco, where we park our car, and Rus have to do some Groceries shopping for Fatspoon, ada 8packs of FRENCH FRIES -.- perggh. After done with the buying, OFF TO Fatspoon to drop Rus and Siti and me BALIKKK. On the way to send me home, we got crazy in the car singing High School Musical's songs. EPIC. Serius dah lama tak dengar. We were a BIG fan of HSM when we were young, well, young-er.

Siti stayed at my house for awhile, Solat, and then went home. OMAGAH, i story almost EVERYTHING that we do that day XD seriously, BANYAK GILA SAYA TULIS!
dah dah la tuu, next post okay?

Assalamualaikumm! <3

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Schaza Zedane said...

WATTAFAK nicol ??!!
and WATTAFAK squash tournament ??!!
arrggghhhhh !! best nyeeewwww!!

aine ilina said...

haha, yessss babe, yeaaaaah!
NICOL ANN DAVID! Yeap tapi tak sempat tgk sbb kawan saya tu takleh kuar lama-lama, pfft

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