Thursday, July 14, 2011

When you grow up

-Priscilla Ahn

So, I've been thinking that, am I getting old already ? Like seriously Im turning 9teen this September and 20 years old next year~! :O omagah. My friends all are saying that my attitude and character doesn't suit my age at all, TAK MATANG LANGSUNG bak kata Rus Azureen kan? Well I don't want to change this character, yes I know, Im super CHILDISH, ANNOYYING, SHORT, and super CUTE? LOL. Okay, haha I just don't want to feel the oldness yet, OLDNESS? is there such word anyway? =.= alaa muda lagi kot :P

I'm a children magnet. #konon

Want to know why? *keningkening. Since studying in SeMaC, kids keep on coming to me, well, I love to layan them anyway haha so they kept on coming to me, ONLY ONE PROBLEM, what I don't fancy is, that the little kids at SeMaC likes to pau duit kakak2 dan abang2, students budak SeMaC ni, I'm not sure that those SeMaC ex students experienced this before or not, but im sure that there is other victims LOL. Alaa budak-budak, biasalah tuu kan? NO! Its unhealthy to do this. If once in awhile takpe laa, ini.. okay end there. So, im very good with kids i guess? LOL only that my little cousins are very very hyper active. Cute yet WILD. Kids are just awesome. kan kan kan? Irynna's lil cousin is super cute. A good girl :). HAHA. *pomotpomot. Wish to meet you again. I just like to be around kids, and feel young again! :D

i don't remember most of my childhood, but
oh well, being a child is fun!

But, im all grown up now. When I was little I super cute and fair, hahaha! nak jugak -.- Well seriously! I don't even know what happend as I grow, that I've gotten TANNED lololol. Its okay, im still CUTE anyway. Aduh daripada tadi lagi, menyampah orang yang tengah baca ni. When i was a kid, i like to spend my parents money on toys, board games, UNO, those colourful pens and markers, Teddy Bears, and every year i wanted to change my school bag for a new one. Perrggh. Now, when I've finally grown up, I am STILL spending my parents money. But on other stuff, like clothings, shawls, cosmetics, going out for movies, petrol. Perrgghh. I should be thankful for my parents who have been spending alot on my needs and wants LOL. Alhamdulillah.

What's the point of this post anyway? Just going to remind myself that I'm all grown up now. But I don't seem old? HAHA a 17 year old boy asked Irynna and me, our age, and was surprised how small we were, as in our SIZE. He said we didn't look old at ALL! :D *BANGGA*. Kan Irynna kan? :) Small is POWERFULL, BEEEELIVEE IT! (copyrighted from Save-ums). So, eventhough you're getting old, doesn't mean you have to be completely matured and act super old right? Chill lah :D Well, done with my crappiness in this post. Thankyou for reading.
Assalamualaikum! :)

p/s: currently worrying on UPU RESULTS tomorrow, wish me the best! :) *takpe AINE, insyaAllah ada rezeki, amin :)

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A'an said...

Awet muda is the best. Drp umur 15 tapi muka dah mcm makcik. oops. kan? hehe..

Cuak laa besok.. huhu..

aine ilina said...

haha agak laa, tapi takda la awet muda mana kan, HAHA

a ah! cuak gilaa :\

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